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The elegance and durability of marble means it has been used in homes and buildings for thousands of years. Ornate fire surrounds, slick kitchen worktops and luxurious floors may be some of the most popular uses, but marble is no longer confined to floors and walls. Recently its ethereal lines can be seen in fashion, food, entertainment, kitchenware and even stationary.

To help you jump on this trend train, Coulon Stone have put together a list of ten inspirational ways you can use marble in your home, and you don’t have to worry about it looking dated in a few months, as history has proven marble will never go out of fashion. For more details and prices of marble products give us a call on 01494 484333 or email

8. Pestle and Mortar 
Grind your herbs and spices with this simple marble kitchen essential.

7. Fireplace Surrounds
Complete your electric, gas or wood burning stove with a beautiful marble surround to make a stylish focal point.

10. Bathrooms and Shower Trays
For a European touch try tiling your shower with a mix of Carrara marble and white ceramic tiles. Or create a light, modern bathroom with marble walls and vanity units.

9. Kitchen Splashbacks and Worktops
Marble is a timeless, sleek choice for kitchen worktops and splashbacks. Just ask bakers - they’ve been using it for thousands of years because of its naturally cool temperature. However, marble is more porous and slightly softer than granite so can scratch and stain. If you love the look, but worry about damaging the surface, marble affect quartz is a popular, more durable alternative.

Ten inspirational ways to use marble in your home

2. Serving or Chopping Boards
Impress  guests with canapes served on marble tiles or accessorise the kitchen with a stylish marble chopping board.

5. Floors
Marble floors are not only durable but stylish and versatile too. Add a little drama to your hallway or some elegance to your bathroom.

3. Bathroom Vanity Unit
Whatever your style – modern & minimalist or traditional - a marble vanity unit can update your bathroom and they are practical too!

1. Coffee Tables
A sleek marble coffee table can add light to heavy, romantic colours or compliment a light, bright room.

6. Hooks
Organise your jewellery with these delicate hooks or order larger ones for your coats.

4. A Clock
A simple marble clock is right on-trend and can be made using any marble you like.