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A memorial represents something or stands for the memory of someone.  It can reflect an event, situation or show what you feel about a person. It can even celebrate a remarkable achievement. Using natural stone ensures a lasting impression is achieved. And with the choice of stone available, style of lettering down to what to say, we have worked on a wide variety of memorials, from headstones, wall plaques and tablets right the way through to public memorials. Examples of which include:

West Bromwich Football Ground
Celebrating the fantastic achievements of the West Brom legend – Tony Brown (aka The Bomber) – this bronze sculpture produced by Jonathan Wilder, was finished off by the red Scottish Sandstone plinth with Irish Sandstone over it designed, cut and installed by Coulon Stone.

Gurkha Memorial
A 6ft bronze statue of a Gurkha complete with his rifle and kit in Folkestone, reflects the sacrifices of 46k fallen Gurkhas. Officially revealed by Joanna Lumley earlier this year, this memorial also marks the 200th anniversary of Gurkhas serving in the British Army. The natural stone base, with involved lettering involved creating a concrete base, cutting the stone, fixing it and finishing the steps and base.

RAF Memorial
Moving away from memorial figures, we have also been involved in simpler pieces such as this natural stone plinth to commemorate the location of RAF Innsworth. The modest stone base involved identifying the best stone to feature the brass plaque on, designing, cutting and finishing ensuring long-term durability.

The need to celebrate people and memories is human nature and these illustrate just some of the ways that it can be achieved either through a combination of metal and stone right the way through to a simple, carved headstone.  The key is to get it right, which is where our passion for natural stone can help guide you in making decisions.

Making memorable memorials

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