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Tips for making a cosy Fireplace

The cooler months evoke desires for hot chocolate, hearty soups, long walks and roast dinners. Imagine! It’s getting to that time in the year, when we love to take a moment and sit in front of a cosy fire.

While a lit fire automatically adds warmth to a room, it is the little touches that make a fireplace become a focal point where people (and often pets!) want to gather. The addition of a natural stone mantelpiece and hearth, alongside other simple elements such as the type of furniture, plump cushions, snuggly blankets lead to this space truly becoming the heart of the home in Autumn and Winter months.

Making the choice to opt for stone is easy; with popular materials for fireplace surrounds such as Bath Stone, Portland Stone, York Stone, limestone, slate and marble, being naturally heat resistant and easily maintained. Suitable for every type of room from traditional right the way through to modern and contemporary, the stone can be easily hewn to fit in perfectly. With many of these beautiful stones being easily carved and hand finished, enabling elegant shapes and cuts to be made to create a bespoke, beautiful tailored fireplace. In addition, the vast variety of colours and tones in the natural stone available means that with careful consideration and guidance the perfect one can be chosen. Which when used alongside the décor and furniture will draw people to this area and add to the sense of warmth created.


Whether you are looking to have a natural log fire or wood burning stove, the thoughtful addition of a natural stone fireplace or hearth will add an extra dynamic. Working with a number of local stove and flue companies, as well as private clients Coulon Stone are very familiar with how to make the very best of your room in order to create elegant, but durable fireplaces and hearths.  If you would like some help with deciding which would be the best stone for you or you want some advice on the design of your fire surround then call and book an appointment with us.  Alternatively, feel free to bring or send us some measurements and possibly your thoughts on the design and type of stone you are interested in, as we are always very happy to supply you with a free quote.

We will happily work with you to draw-up a design you will love as we truly believe that a fireplace is totally lost without the addition of a natural stone surround and hearth. It just wouldn’t be the same, would it?

There are also two other aspects that can really add to the environment. The first is the furniture; be it a cosy sofa to sink into or an upright reading chair and footstool, the combination with the fireplace is sure to make people naturally migrate here. The result is an open invitation to grab a book, curl up and read, or just watch the flames dance. The second is the perfect shelf that is created by the mantelpiece upon which you can place beautiful objects or sentimental pieces potentially complimented by a mirror or piece of art over the top. For a more opulent look, then opt for a simple fireplace that you can then luxuriously enhance with different hues, textures and features or update depending on fashions and the season.