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Knockout natural stone gift ideas for Christmas

Natural stones our wonderful materials. Each piece is unique, they’re exceptionally strong and whether it’s a sleek piece of marble or rugged limestone, they add a touch of class to any space. This Christmas, you don’t need to replace your kitchen worktop or renovate your fireplace to add some natural stone to your home. We’ve put together a list of our favourite stone gifts, all of which will last a lifetime, both in style and stature.

Marble chopping board – the cool surface of a marble chopping board is ideal for making pastry and

chocolate. It also stops dough from sticking, meaning you don’t need to add lots of extra flour. A marble

chopping board can also freshen up the look of your existing worktop and is easy to clean. Why not pair

your marble chopping board with a marble rolling pin?

​                                                                                      A stone cheese board - most of us serve a lot of cheese at

                                                                                      Christmas. And what better way to impress your family

                                                                                       and friends with not only a sterling selection of cheese,

                                                                                       but presented on a rustic slate or fancy marble. A stone

                                                                                       cheeseboard is also easy to clean and can be used way

                                                                                        beyond Christmas to present all sorts of foods.   

                                                                                     Candle sticks – candles are a perfect way to turn your

                                                                                     home in to a cosy winter hideaway, and natural stones

                                                                                     make perfect candle sticks and holders. It’s easy to scrape

                                                                                     wax from them, they’re heat resistant and very sturdy. But

                                                                                     they also look incredibly elegant, and can come in a variety

of styles and colours.

Coulon Stone can make all of these gift ideas, and bespoke to you. You can pick your stone and design

and our talented masons will hand make them. For more information on prices, email us on, call us on 01494 484333 or visit our showroom in Stokenchurch.