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Keep your granite worktop gleaming with our cleaning and caring tips.

​We’re a nation of kitchen lovers, spending on average £7000 redecorating them, and a whopping three years of our lives in them. With all that time and money invested in one room, we want every part of them to look lovely for as long as possible.

Whilst granite might be one of the strongest materials on the planet, making it a wise choice for a worktop, there are still some things you can do to maintain that shiny surface.

  • Make sure it’s properly sealed – whilst granite is relatively non-porous compared to its softer sister marble, it’s still important to seal granite to boost its stain resisting properties. Your kitchen fitter or stone mason should ensure that their product is correctly sealed before fitting; however it’s always worth double checking with them that it’s been done. You can then reseal your top every 1-2 years to really spruce it up. We recommend Dry Treat’s Stain Proof Plus, which you can buy on their online store here.
  • Avoid using scouring pads – scouring pads may scratch it and lift layers of sealer leaving your top more vulnerable to staining. Instead use a soft dish cloth.
  • Avoid using bleach or other harsh chemicals– similarly to scouring pads, abrasive chemicals can lift the sealer and erode the stone. Instead use a simple dish soup or mild cleaning spray.
  • Buff your worktop – granite can appear dull or smeary overtime. We recommend lightly buffing your worktop once a week using a stone polish and soft cloth. Pledge have a good multi-surface polish or for a really shiny surface, we recommend Granite Clean and Sheen, which you can buy online from Stone Equipment International here or by emailing us at