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Kitchens truly are the heart of a home – they are where bodies are fuelled, memories are created and cultures are shaped. Because of their importance, it can be difficult designing a kitchen, particularly combining practicality with beautiful design.

One element which easily fuses function and flair is a stone worktop. But it can be overwhelming deciding what stone is best for your kitchen. So with our 25 years of experience, we’ve put together a simple guide.

Granite – Non-porous, making it hygienic and stain resistant. Scratch and heat resistant (you can put pots straight from the hob or oven on to it). There are also vast design opportunities, for example, the shiny sapphire coloured Lemurian Blue, or the sandy grey Bianco Romano.

Marble – Elegant and timeless in design. Heat resistant but slightly more porous than granite so is vulnerable to some staining (for example spices and beetroot) and some scratching. If treated with care, marble can look beautiful for many, many years.

Limestone – Generally limestone is known for being a softer stone, but some can be very hard. For example, Wild West Green from America, is non-porous, heat, stain and scratch resistant. Jura Blue and Jura Beige from Germany are similar to marble in their durability.

Composite Quartz (e.g. Silestone) – Made from quartz held together by resin. They come in a huge range of colours and patterns and each slab is uniform in look, compared to a natural stone. They are heat and stain resistant and largely scratch resistant too.

For inspiration, why not visit our showroom where you can look through our stones and take samples home with you. If you would like a FREE quote, email or bring us some measurements and a rough idea of the stoneyou would like.

Fusing function and flair with your kitchen worktop