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Enjoy some exotic escapism with this summer’s tropical trend 

Bored of copper fixtures and hygge style furnishings? Yes, we are too. Especially now that summer’s here, we’re looking for something livelier, something brighter.

Palm leaf patterned cushion covers and pineapple duvet sets have been populating homeware department shelves since last year. But it’s no longer enough, it’s time to properly commit to this summer’s hottest trend – jungle. We’ve looked in to the key components of jungle style interior.

Natural Materials

If you’re trying to bring the outdoors in, it makes sense to use as many natural materials as you can. Rustic wooden shelves, bamboo furniture, fossil filled limestone flooring and natural stone surfaces, like leafy looking marbles – Forest Green or Verde Guatemala.

Plants, Plants, Plants

The very definition of a jungle is “an area of land overgrown with dense forest and tangled vegetation,” meaning your jungle style home is incomplete unless filled with plants. Cacti displayed in clay vases, succulents in indoor hanging baskets and do-it-yourself terrariums are all very popular choices for 2017. But if you’re not a green fingered folk, today you can buy surprisingly live-like looking fake plants, so convincing you’ll fool all your family and friends.

Clashing Colours

Jungles are filled with bold, bright colours, masses of textures and plenty of patterns, and so should your jungle style home. Wallpapers bursting with full ferns, fabulous furs prints or roaring big cats are a must, paired with brightly coloured furniture and mismatched rugs.