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The must have kitchen feature – island unit inspiration

Kitchens are no longer just a functional room for preparing meals, they’re social spaces which have grown in size and become the focal point of homes. With this change in function, island units have become a must-have feature, even in smaller spaces. If you’re updating your kitchen and need some island inspiration, here are three of the best natural stone designs we’ve seen and worked on.

A Quartzite Centrepiece

Quartzite is a natural stone slowly gaining popularity as a kitchen surface. It’s typically compared to marble due to its silky smooth, glassy texture, however quartzite is a much harder material than marble. It’s less susceptible to wear and tear including scratches and stains, and unlike marble which needs regularly re-sealing, quartzite is less porous so its seal will remain intact much longer. Quartzite’s are beautiful stones with colourings that include oranges, greens and greys. When paired with a simpler worktop, a quartzite island makes a stunning focal point. 

Tiles and Marble

Tiles are topping the trend charts in all areas of the home – pops of colour in our fireplaces, our splashbacks, on the floor and in bathrooms. Pair a natural stone island top with a clashing tiled edge, or create real drama with black marble paired with black tiles.

Upcycled Islands

In an era of eco-consciousness, recycling and reusing furniture or units found on online second-hand sites can be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, whilst also saving you money. Spice up a second hand or salvaged table with a new, natural stone island top for a mixed material, ultra cozy, rustic look.

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