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With the rise in popularity for bi-fold doors and wanting to make our gardens become more a part of our homes, there is more and more of a desire to create one space – combining the indoors with the outdoors. Obviously, this is in essence two separate spaces, but clever use of stone flooring can actually achieve the perception of one room.

The simplest way of doing this is to make it appear that there is no divide between where your outside space meets the inside space. A natural stone floor flowing throughout will achieve a fantastic synergy between both environments and as you have in essence removed an entire wall by installing large folding doors your garden becomes a wonderful extension of your home.

So, what stone flooring should you be looking at?
While you might think that every natural stone floor would work, not all are suited to being used outside. So, it is important to consider your options, as some may lose their impact in extreme weather conditions resulting in cracking and fading, while other polished finishes will be very slippery and unsafe when we experience our typical wet weather!

The ideal options narrow down to slate, limestone or sandstone. Naturally slip resistant slate is perfect and relatively low in price, whereas limestone is hardwearing and sandstone weathers well.  All come in lots of colours, so you can be certain of finding something to match what you are trying to achieve.

The trick is in the care
As the stone will in essence be in different climates, they will need slightly different care.

Using a sealant on your interior stone floor will protect its porous nature from spillages and should really only need to be applied every two years. On-going cleaning should involve non-abrasive floor cleaners (that don’t contain vinegars or acids), so none of the applied sealant is stripped from the stone, but it will keep the floor clean.

Outside, your flooring won’t need to be sealed, so really a regular sweep to remove any surface dirt or leaves will suffice. If you do want to clean it, then a pressure wash can be used now and then, but part of the charm of natural stone outside is how it ages and works with the environment it is in.

Make your outside part of the inside

So, if you are looking at enhancing your home with bi-fold doors or just want to achieve a bit more synergy between the outside and inside, then contact us to chat through which natural stone would work for you. There is lots to think about, but we are always happy to chat through your project, so feel free to contact us on 01494 484333 or visit our showroom.

Bring the outdoor in - create synergy with stone flooring