If you are feeling inspired to capture the spirit of your holidays in your bathroom using natural stone then visit our showroom where you can look through our stones and take samples home with you. If you would like a FREE quote, email or bring us some measurements and a rough idea of the stoneyou would like and we can easily pull something together for you.

Warm feet on the cool, marble floor tiles of your hotel bathroom, after a dreamy day of sunning on the sand...bliss. Marble bathrooms are a welcomed bit of luxury on a holiday and often stir so much excitement, we see pictures of them in people’s holiday snaps. So why wait until your next holiday for that feeling under your feet? We’ve put together some of the benefits of a marble bathroom, as well as other natural stones which make equally beautiful bathrooms.

Marble – With its charming veins and glossy finish, marble has represented luxury living for centuries. But it’s also very practical; it’s extremely hard, easy to clean, and if correctly sealed, it won’t stain easily. There are also vast design options, whilst the classic image of marble is white and grey, there are greens, blues, browns, blacks and creams.

Limestone and Travertine - Generally limestones and travertines are known for being softer stones, but they stand up very well in bathrooms. Similarly to marble, they are hard, easy to clean and if correctly sealed, won’t stain easily. Limestones and travertines create a very warm look and as well as plush and glossy, they can also be finished with a rustic, tumbled feel.

bring a little holiday hedonism with a natural stone bathroom

Slate – Slate is a very practical choice for bathrooms, as it again is very hard, easy to clean and if correctly sealed, won’t stain easily. Slate has an earthy warmth to it and will perfectly compliment a rustic design, as well as a minimalistic one.

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