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Using natural stone to create beautiful outdoor spaces

Eating, drinking and socialising in the great outdoors reminds us of

holidays and summers. Unfortunately in the UK, the dream may often

be different to reality, given that we are at the mercy of the British

weather, but there are ways we can combat this and provide amazing

outdoor experiences whatever the weather.

So, if the warmer weather and longer days is turning your thoughts to

your outside space, then don’t be daunted. Simple touches can make all

the difference; from re-considering the seating space, thinking about the

planting, through to adding an interesting feature such as a natural

stone table top or water feature.

However, if you are looking to make a more significant difference,

nothing can be more effective than a new patio, pathway or stone steps

in amazing materials such as limestone or sandstone. Both are very hard

wearing and deliver a wide range of beautiful colours. At Coulon Stone

we’re currently stocking a limestone called Aria. It offers all the attributes

and style of a limestone, but without the price tag.

Alternatively you might be looking to create a seamless extension of your

indoor space with your outside. Slate is perfect to create the ultimate

indoor - outdoor look, and is naturally slip resistant and relatively low in price.

Whether you want to go over the top, keep it simple or somewhere in the middle, expanding your outdoor space will always be a welcome addition to your home – and may even add value. So, if you are looking at your outside space and wondering what you can do, then contact us on 01494 484333 or visit our showroom.